Aug 7, 2012

Random: Gabby Douglas, Serena Williams & Mass Shootings

 So today I decided to do Video Blogs, below is the link.  I hope this causes you guys to have some intelligent dialogue about these issues.  Enjoy!  Don't forget to leave comments/feedback & topic suggestions. :-)


  1. Hey Jen! I totally agree with u about Gabby and Serena! U hit the nail right on the head. These people need to get a life! I don't mind my girls (ages 5&7) have these wonderful athletes as role models behind myself. I am my girls first role model, as I should be.

    I Like the video...I'll be checking u out again. Good job girl!

    <3 is <3
    Eb (babymomma122)

  2. Thank ya Thank ya LIL. There are soooo many other things we could be criticizing. But the fact that these are upstanding African American Role Models is the very reason the media is criticizing them so much.